Mission Statement  


Whitfield County Schools envision a responsive school system that is focused on students and that is valued and respected by the community.



Our mission is to increase student learning by providing students and staff with meaningful, challenging, and engaging educational experiences in a safe and supportive environment.



1.        We believe in our schools having an innovative unified focus resulting in it being responsive to the needs of students, parents and the community at large.
2.       We believe that our core business is providing students with engaging, challenging, and meaningful work.
3.        We believe that the role of teacher is leader and designer of engaging, challenging, and meaningful learning experiences for students.

4.        We believe that all personnel, parents, and other community members are vital to the education of our students whose attention and commitment must be earned.

5.        We believe that all of our students, personnel, and parents deserve a safe, inviting, non-threatening learning environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.

  About The School  

Beaverdale Elementary

Image for Beaverdale Elementary

Beaverdale Elementary staff believes that learning is a lifelong process; it is a journey, not a destination. Students come to us with a variety of backgrounds, skills and abilities. The diversity of our school offers real life experiences for students to learn and grow. Staff members are committed to providing the best possible educational experience for each child. Various instructional strategies and techniques are employed to reach all students. Teachers grow professionally through district and building level staff development.

We truly believe in educating the whole child at Beaverdale. We invite you to browse our website, volunteer at our school, and feel free to contact us at any time. We are very proud of the great things happening at Beaverdale. We hope that you can share in this exciting educational journey with us!