It is a given, we know that Beaverdale parents want their children to do well in school. At the beginning of the school year, here are some tips to help your child become successful. In an article taken from The Parent Institute, a study by researchers at Indiana University found that children do much better in the classroom when parents:

Are Positive. You know that your child is sensitive to your emotions. Not surprisingly, the study found that to also be true for parents’ attitudes about schoolwork. Parents who conveyed confidence in their child’s ability to do an assignment successfully had a child who believed they were capable too. The study also found that encouragement from a parent led a child to be more motivated. Model positive attitudes and your child will copy them.

Break it down. A long assignment can overwhelm your child. One of the easiest things you can do to help is to break the big task into smaller pieces. The study found that when children worked at a task piece by piece, they did better.

Teach the importance of a final check. One of the best habits to start is to have your child look over their work before turning it in. Examples of this are: adding when he/she should have subtracted, or writing their instead of there. Correcting these minor mistakes can lead to a much better overall grade. In addition, the study found that children who were in the habit of checking over their work were more likely to volunteer to answer questions in class.


The best way to get your child to show respect is not by talking about an abstract idea that is hard for her to understand. The best course of action is to try talking about the specific actions she took to show her respect. Here is a great example of respect. When your child interrupts, you might say, “When someone is talking, it’s respectful to listen until the person is finished. Then you can take your turn.”

You can also ask if your child can come up with specific behaviors that would show respect. “What can you do to show your teacher respect?” Your child could raise her hand, complete homework on time and pay attention in class. Later, when your child has done something respectful, help her make the link. “I loved the way you showed respect when Mr. Jones called. You carefully wrote down the message so I knew when to call him back. Good job!

School success is a collaborative effort and I look forward to working with you this year!

Mrs. Laurel Adkins joined the counseling program at Beaverdale in 2014. Previously, Mrs. Adkins was a school counselor in nearby Calhoun, Georgia. Mrs. Adkins holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, as well as a Master of Science in School Counseling from Lee University. She believes in the success of every student, and in the ability of a well-designed counseling program to assist in the attainment of that goal.