3rd Grade


Are you ready for an adventure? Make sure that your bags are packed and ready for the exciting journey ahead of us. As your guides, Mrs. Shepard and Mrs. Choate are looking forward to exploring Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Parents, research shows that when parents are involved in their children's education at home, their children do better in school. When parents are involved at school, their children's achievement excels and the schools they attend become even stronger. Therefore, consider the following:

Language Arts
In 3rd grade, the focus is on reading with sufficient accuracy, rate, and expression to support comprehension of fiction and informational (non-fiction) texts. In addition, third graders use the elements of writing style-audience awareness, voice, and rich, descriptive language- to make their writing interesting and informative. Furthermore, students utilize appropriate handwriting (cursive and print), grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation in their writing to revise and edit their own work.

In 3rd grade, students will become confident and competent mathematical problem-solvers. They will be able to compute and have a deep conceptual understanding of numbers and mathematical processes. Students will think critically and communicate their thoughts and mathematical reasoning effectively.

In 3rd grade, students begin to develop an understanding of the scientific method and the process for investigating the world around them. Through exploration and inquiry, students ask questions, make predictions and test hypotheses.

Social Studies
In 3rd grade, Social Studies prepares students to participate as constructive citizens in a democratic society; students understand their role and responsibility as citizens.

• Read, talk, and listen to your child often and about a variety of subjects.

• Encourage your 3rd grader's natural love for learning with praise. Recognize your child's curiosity and hard work. Let your child know that his or her academic success is important to you.

• Stay in touch with your child's teacher. Participate in parent-teacher conferences- in fall and in spring- to discuss your child's progress.

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